4th Year @ ETH

8. Semester
Kryptographische Protokolle Applied Cryptography Online
Parellel and Distributed Databases
Sicherer Betrieb der Informatik in der Praxis
Fallstudie aus der Praxis
Scientific and Technical English
Muslime in Europa
Semester Project: Self-Reconfiguration and Self-Repair of a Simulated Robot
7. Semester
Network Security SSL Specs / Details on the Bagle worm / SANS Policies Webpage / Syn Cookies
Interprocess Comm. in UNIX Unix C Tutorial
Konzepte Obj. Orient. Programmierung
Randomized Algorithms Small o notation / Perfect Matching / The class #P Complete
Artificial Intelligence Simon Laven Chatterbot Collection / Alice Bot / MeBot / Nb of photoreceptors in the eye
Semester Project: Association of Mobile Devices through Visual CodesReport Java 1.4.2 API’s / BSCW Server / Playing with Series 60 Phones and Linux / Serie60 SDK under Linux / Other infos about SDK under Linux / Visual Codes / Painting in AWT and Swing / Introduction to Painting Concepts / AWT vs Swing / About double buffering I / About double buffering II / C++ Tutorial / Semacode / Anil Madhavapeddy’s website / Bluetooth Tutorial / SDP Tutorial / High Energy Magic and their spotcode (interesting!) / Symbian C++ API’s / Introduction to C++ Object Oriented Programming / Forward declaration in C++ / newLC forum / debugging using gdb / Use own video clip in the Serie60 simulator / Using images with pdflatex / Latex: Hyperref Manual / Latex Templates / Small Bluetooth Tutorial under Symbian / Symbian C++ Panic Codes
Spanisch III Conjugaison des verbes espagnols

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