3rd Year @ ETH

6. Semester
Digitech u. Rechnerstruktur
Mobile Computing Tutorial about swing GUI (java) / Visual index to the Swing components (java) / CVS Manual / An intro about random CDMA codes / Webseite von Jochen Schiller, Material und Slides
Ubiquitous Computing Final Keyword in Java / Vom Verschwinden des Computers / The Computer of the 21st Century / Ubiquit�re Informationstechnologie / Smart Cards: Status, Issues and US Adoption / RFID: Prada�s Pratfall / RFID: Automatic Checkout by Metro AG I / RFID: Automatic Checkout by Metro AG II / RFID: Gillette Spy Chips / RFID: Videos from EPCglobal (formerly Auto-ID) / Context is More than Location
Machine Learning II Fisher linear discriminant / Fisher linear discriminant on CV (Computer Vision) online / Chebyshef unequality / Convergence de var. al�atoires / Definition of PAC Learning / VC Dimension
Neuro. Netzwerken
Gruendung neuer Unternehmen
Arabisch II
5. Semester
Verteilte Systeme / Assi Tutorial java for rmi / Other RMI Tutorial (+ security) / A few infos (in short) about RMI, Implementation and Security / C++ Tutorial / Hello World Program using CORBA in C++ / Include code with tab in Latex / A script of Maurice Herlihy and Co on consensus
InfoSys-K / InfoSys-K II / Assi XQuery Test Form for the mondial db / DTD of the mondial db / reduce xml doc of the mondial db / XQuery use cases / Beat Signer Page / Oracle online manual / Oracle/SQL Tutorial / Sun JDBC Tutorial / Oracle doc about the command loadjava
System Software Page java: Final word about the final keyword / Linux Code / AFS Tutorial / Basic File Manipulation in java / GC Algorithms
Arabisch I
Soziologie I
Droit priv�
WiRe-K Distance point line in 2D / Hessian Normal Form (line – point distance)
Einschreibung Seite / D-INFK Seite / Inforum / phpMyAdmin @ ethz / SMS@infobase / Hilfassi / SemesterProgramm / SemesterProgramm UniZh / Math Formula and Table / Wolfram Math Table (Great!) / psnup man page / Sunrise sms / Tokyo Lectures in AI / Sun Java Forum / Random.org / Math typing in Latex / Compare bash and tcsh / Man page of bash / Different PS utilities listed / Latex Tipps and Tricks / Bash for beginners / Astuces de mise en page sous Latex

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